Hub Setup

A few points/rules about hubs

  1. Hubs do not connect to IRC.
  2. Hubs are hard-coded into all binaries. They must be specified in PackConfig.
  3. A binary designated as a hub may only contain 1 bot, which is the hub. (leaf binaries may contain many bots)
  4. A leaf binary and hub binary are technically the same, but it's unsafe to run a leaf and a hub in 1 binary or 2 hubs in a binary.
  5. Do not list all of your leaf bots in the hub binary or pack config, this is not correct at all.


Setup of a hub is the same as outlined in BotSetup except for a few very small points.

  • The rules above must be followed.
  • It's a good idea to place the hub in ~/hub/ and name the binary hub
  • The same ip/host as given in the PackConfig must be used for the hub's botline in the BotConfig
  • Once ran, it will auto link to other hubs; There is no need to run any cmds on the botnet.

What's next?

Continue reading BotnetSetup and GettingStarted

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