Setting up your botnet

Also see GettingStarted

Read this guide all the way through before doing anything to get a better understanding.

Setup your hubs

  1. Setup hubs according to HubSetup

Login to your hub for the first time

  • Telnet into the main hub using the dns and port you specified in PackConfig.
    1. Enter your username which you selected in PackConfig when you see a blank line.
    2. Enter the password defined from PackConfig when asked.
    3. You will be presented with a lot of scroll during your first login, be sure to look for your initial SecPass and record that somewhere for safe keeping.

Set up leaf bots

  1. Setup leaf bots on your shells according to BotSetup

Customize your botnet

  • Type .set and review each option to see if it needs to be changed. Also see '.help set' to see what each option does. For the most part, the defaults should be fine.
  • Some settings that should be customized changed are:
    1. mean-kicks
    2. realname
    3. msg-op, msg-pass, msg-ident, msg-invite, msg-release

What's next?

That's it! Bots will link and automatically add hosts and other bots defined in their binaries.

Useful commands and help descriptions to checkout

Be sure to read over the help for the following cmds, using .help:

  1. chaninfo (Explains channel flags)
  2. whois (Explains user flags)
  3. set (Explains various settings that can be tweaked)
  4. botcmd (Allows running commands on a remote leaf from the hub)

Also read over the FAQ for a lot of useful information.

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