Bot setup guide

Read this guide all the way through before doing anything to get a better understanding. This guide assumes that you are using pre-compiled binaries. If you are compiling yourself and uploading the binaries, you are on your own.

Shell operations

  • Login to the shell you wish to put some bots on.

Downloading the binary

  • Go to the location you want the bots to run from, the home directory is perfectly fine.
  • Get the operating system of the server:
    • uname -s
  • Upload or download your binary to the shell.
  • You will now have a file similar to wraith.FreeBSD-1.2.14
  • All bots for that shell will be ran from this 1 binary.

Binary config

  • Set EDITOR to your favorite shell editor. Some examples:
    • (in bash) export EDITOR=pico or export EDITOR=vi ...
    • (in csh) setenv EDITOR pico or setenv EDITOR vi ...
    • Use pico or nano if unsure.
  • Move the binary to whatever you want it to be called
     mv wraith.FreeBSD-1.2.14 wraith
  • If you have not already initialized your binary do so now.
    • Initialize binary with your PackConfig file
      1. ./wraith -Q
        • Paste in pack config
  • Run the binary with the -C option to configure bots
     ./wraith -C
  • You will then be asked for your binary password.
     Enter your binary password:
  • Simply enter the BINARYPASS that you defined in your PackConfig before it was hashed.

Config Editor

  • In the config you will add all bots that will run on that shell only.
  • Hubs should have separate binaries. They will know they are a hub if you use the same nick as you put into your PackConfig.
  • You will be presented with a file (in the editor you specified) in the format of BotConfig.
    1. Fill out (see BotConfig).
      • You can ignore most of the file and just add your bots at the top:
        botnick ip vhost
        botnick2 * +vhost ipv6:ip:here
    2. Save + exit. (pico/nano: CTRL+X, y, ENTER) (vi[m]: hit ESC, type :wq)
    3. Run binary! (./wraith)
  • The binary will automatically crontab itself.
  • All bots will be spawned into the background automatically, in their own process.

Hub operations

You will also need to perform this on the hub:

 .newleaf botnick
  • You will also need to +host the new bot - it will advise you on what host to add after you have added it.
  • This command is only necessary for the first bot listed in the binary, as it will link and automatically add the other bots and their hostmasks.
  • You do not need to do newleaf when adding hubs.

Next Step

Don't forget to continue reading BotnetSetup and GettingStarted for more information.

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