Full list of options for BotConfig

(Lines in bold are not displayed while in the actual editor, but are presented here to help explain common questions.)

# Lines beginning with # are what the preceeding line SHOULD be
# They are simply comments and are not parsed at all.

! username bryan
! homedir /home/wheel/bryan

The following ports are only relevant for hubs, and affect what ports the hub advertises for file transfers to legacy bots (< 1.3).
# portmin/max are for incoming connections (DCC) [0 for any]
! portmin 0
! portmax 0

# Automatically add the bot to crontab?
! autocron 1

# '|' means OR, [] means the enclosed is optional
# A '+' in front of HOST means the HOST is ipv6
# A '/' in front of BOT will disable that bot.
#[/]BOT IP|. [+]HOST|. [IPV6-IP]
The above syntax proves to be confusing for all. 
Here are some examples:
botnick .
botnick some.vhost.com
botnick . another.vhost.com
botnick . .
#^^ This uses the default ip of the box ^^
botnick . +some.ipv6.vhost.com
#^^ Note the '+' preceeding the vhost. This specifies to do an IPV6 lookup on the host.
botnick . . 1234:1234:1234::1234
botnick . 1234:1234:1234::1235
botnick . +some.vhost.com 1234:1234:1234::1236

Any number of bots can be listed here, one on each line.


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