There are more advanced options listed under BotConfigFull. You really do not need to worry about them though.

(Lines in bold are not displayed while in the actual editor, but are presented here to help explain common questions.)

# Lines beginning with # are what the preceeding line SHOULD be
# They are simply comments and are not parsed at all.

! username bryan
! homedir /home/bryan

# '|' means OR, [] means the enclosed is optional
# A '+' in front of HOST means the HOST is ipv6
# A '/' in front of BOT will disable that bot.
#[/]BOT IP|* [+]HOST|* [IPV6-IP]
The above syntax proves to be confusing for all. 
Here are some examples:
botnick *
botnick *
botnick * *
#^^ This uses the default ip of the box ^^
botnick .
#^^ Note the '+' preceeding the vhost. This specifies to do an IPV6 lookup on the host.
botnick * * 1234:1234:1234::1234
botnick 1234:1234:1234::1234
botnick * 1234:1234:1234::1235
botnick * 1234:1234:1234::1236

Any number of bots can be listed here, one on each line.


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